Google Meta Tags

Meta tags are a core aspect of SEO – without effective meta tags, search engines will have difficulty indexing and displaying your content in a way that will attract users. Meta tags aren’t only for search engines, as they give you the opportunity to market yourself with embedded content through Open Graph tags.

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Guidelines to follow to improve your content

Page titles should be less than 60 characters
Descriptions should fall between 150-160 characters
Descriptions should be relevant and specific. Write your description in a way that makes sense and accurately summarizes your content.

Why aren't keywords included?

Search engines no longer use the “keywords” tag to index and rank your site. You should instead think of keywords as a way to "direct" your content. Effectively using keywords allows you to write highly focused and quality content.

A note on descriptions

Sometimes, Google will intentionally rewrite your meta description if it feels it can better describe your content. Focus more on producing high-quality content rather than spending time on overly detailed meta descriptions.