Reference Guide

Use our reference guide as a centralized place to refer to best practices, suggestions, and guidelines. Find all the information you need here without spending time searching for different resources.

Email Subject Lines

  1. Keep subject lines below 9 words
  2. Stay between 10 and 60 characters
  3. Be descriptive, but brief

General Content

  1. Lines of text should be around 12 words long
  2. A single paragraph should be between 3-4 lines long
  3. Keywords should be between 2-3 words, and longtail keywords are best around 4-5 words. Single-word keywords are highly competitive and should be avoided unless unique.

Google Meta Tags

  1. Page titles should be less than 60 characters
  2. Descriptions should fall between 150-160 characters
  3. Descriptions should be relevant and specific. Write your description in a way that makes sense and accurately summarizes your content.